Your words come from the heart and make me proud to be different.


I was able to give Falling Up Stairs to a girl who had just tried to commit suicide. Your decision is life-changing for so many.


Your blog Today’s Inspiration came just when I needed it. You are a shining light in some of my dark, confusing and lost times. You inspire me and so many others. You are a vessel of God’s love and grace.


So true, Chrissy, a touch of zany a day keeps the blues away.


Room To Breathe is yet another incredibly inspiring idea from Chrissy Guinery, like everything she puts her hand to, whether public speaking or writing, she creates connections that help others shine and builds a sense of community and hope into hearts and minds.

Counsellor Donna Hunter

I have loved, loved, loved your book. I can’t wait to have more copies to be able to give out to people. It is such a world-changing book. Tinglingly invigorating in your words.


You encourage obedience and freedom – at the same time!


Reading Falling Up Stairs has ignited that fire in my husband’s and my soul again.


You make me think, challenge me and have brought back my smile.


Your soul holds a hidden beauty that leaves a sparkle of light on the world.


You breathe life into me.  

Oh Chrissy you have such an inspiring way. Your abundant energy & capacity for love & joy bubbles never diminishes.
Chrissy helped me recalibrate my life for happiness. She is raw & real, challenging & funny.  
You are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your life, it’s amazing! And you have definitely put thoughts in my head.
You are always planting something in someone.
Thanks for your encouragement to me. Laughter is a major key for me right now!
Thanks for reminding me about the right thing to do. I need a kick up the backside now & again.
You change the atmosphere wherever you go.
What great ideas! Just the thing to enhance self esteem, individuality & have fun!
Thank you for sharing your journey; some days your words are exactly what I need to hear. You are a blessing to many.  
Chrissy’s energetic style takes you on a ride akin to kayaking down river rapids.  It’s full and fast and then hits an eddy before careening over the waterfall!  Falling Up Stairs is vibrant, casual and infectiously enthusiastic, but above all it’s authentic and very engaging.
Karin Moorhouse, author
Falling Up Stairs is more than a book – it is an event to be thoroughly, absurdly enjoyed – & definitely to be given as gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.  You will laugh out loud & you will cry.  You will be motivated & inspired and you won’t be the same after the journey!
Elaine Rogers, NSW Royal Agricultural Society Events Coordinator
This book, amazing, just wonderful!  I am inspired!
Judith, Global Care Worker
Falling Up Stairs is an easy read. It is fun, inspirational, deep & light-hearted – a book cocktail of delightfulness!  Chrissy continuously interacts with the reader in an engaging writing style that makes the reader feel as though we’re in a conversation together.  It is almost like Chrissy is allowing me to be part of the story, & in so doing, is inspiring me personally to be all that I can be.
Tess, co-founder of The Grey Girls