Hey you! You are amazing – worthy of sunshine and rainbows and waterfalls and ribbons of gold.

Welcome to our glorious 2018.

It’s a year to start strong and believe to grow and glow all the way through til the moon glows on the last minute of December 31st.

What can we do now, this moment, this day, to ensure that growth and sparkles will continue? … That happiness and positivity and fruitfulness and a spirit of caring-sharing will blossom within and around us all the months of our year? It is a question worth pondering and worthy of answering.

Each morning upon awakening, be conscious of making decisions that will earn you that giant big gold star of a life well-lived and well-loved.

Smile. Smile and laugh. They’re powerful tools (and free). Some days they may seem to be hiding – but they are there within you, despite the circumstances and storm clouds, sunshine can burst forth and sprinkle your day with light and life. Give your smile power. Watch it expand in your mirror – offer it to your friends; lavish it upon your loved ones.

Set some goals that stretch and amaze. Declare and decree some mighty fine things in store for yourself and then make them happen. Grab hold of the Lord’s hand, link your heart to His and trust in that supernatural strength to see your dreams come true.

You really are in for a year worth celebrating … might as well begin those celebrations now!

Later this year I will have another book for you to enjoy. It is time for a follow up to Falling Up Stairs to give you a laugh, a boost, some inspiration and a burst of motivation – so watch out for that one.

Room To Breathe continues on its journey around this great planet – stopping to bless and help and heal a 14 year-old boy here and a struggling carer there. Testimonies of it’s power continue to roll in. If you know of someone in need of Room To Breathe, email me NOW. It is my desire to get it into their hands and see souls transformed. We’re all in this together – let’s help others find their way and dare to shine!

If there’s some particular topic you would like me to address, please contact me – I get a kick out of communicating and connecting with you my dear friend.

Blessings and love and joy and happy vibes to you,

I hope to see you at one of my workshops!

Be sure to jump around like your feet are in an ant’s nest when you see the Buzz mobile so I can wave like a crazy lady at you and maybe stop and share chai and hugs …

FEBRUARY – touring Victoria

MARCH – cruising South Australia

I will finish as Paul did in his letter to the Ephesians, New Testament, Bible:

‘I don’t cease to give thanks for you, that you may receive the spirit of wisdom from God the father of glory – that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us all.’


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Ah, I’ve been thinking of you.

Ever found yourself lost on the roads at night in the city? We are almost experts at it unfortunately. Sure, at first it can seem like a bit of fun, but after trying one road after another, we often find ourselves going round and round in circles. We can get frustrated and angry until all we can think of is finding a way out!

There are other things in life that leave us feeling ‘lost’ aren’t there?

One thing that really used to paralyse me was FEAR.

It would stop me going out. It would grip me and lock me in.

But I really want to ENCOURAGE you dear friend … there is a way out of fear.

There is freedom and it is available to you. Because perfect love casts out all fear. And there is One who pours that perfect love all over you. Allow yourself TO BE FILLED WITH IT – perfect love retrains your thinking, brings hope and strength and adds value and purpose to your life.

You are worthy. Your life does matter. You were created to shine.

Don’t give permission to the enemy of your soul to rip you off another day when the God of the universe wants to fill your life with perfect love. You don’t have to feel lost, you don’t have yo go round and round in circles and you don’t have to be paralysed. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Today, whose report will you believe?

Stay strong Dear Friend – we’re all in this together,

Chrissy 💛💜

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Was thinking of you today.

There I was walking on the beach in the rain singing to myself and a raging STORM hit.

The umbrella that was protecting me began to get whipped about by the wind.

The greater the storm, the more pressure I had to apply to cling to that brolly and stay under its cover. It was a big effort.
My arms and shoulders were working hard to keep the umbrella up to keep me dry.

Its kinda easy to have faith when its only sprinkling, wouldn’t you agree?

But when life’s storms hit hard that’s when we have to cling tight to that faith. We find ourselves holding on for dear life.

And finally, when the worst of the storm passes, we’re still holding strong to that protective umbrella and we’re nodding our head – our faith just grew a little stronger in the storm.

The Bible says They cried out in their trouble and He brought them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.

We have the power!!!

For other stories of triumph and victory

Let’s remember to strengthen our faith in the hard times, not let it go and be left vulnerable and battered around by the storm.

You’re a champion!

Go you!!

Luv your friend Chrissy

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A gift of encouragement and hope – the kind of gift you’re proud to give at Christmas.

Order 4 Room To Breathe now and for just $10 we’ll post them anywhere in Australia!

Yep, four copies posted to you for just $10. BAM take that Christmas shopping!

Because your friends matter.

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Never ever underestimate what you can achieve.

Sometimes we look at others and think how wonderful they must be to have what they have . . When in reality they’re probably simply someone who has had a goal and worked to its fruition.

Behind the glitz and glamour we see is someone who has worked hard toward a goal. Someone who has had a dream and pursued it. Someone who didn’t give up when the road got a little rough.

You can be that someone. How?

1. Imagine a goal
2. Write down strategies for achieving that goal
3. Make a plan on what you will do each day toward fulfilling that goal
4. Commit to it
5. Don’t quit when it looks hardest. Many people travel 85% of the way toward reaching their dreams, only to face the final hurdle and quit. Don’t be a quitter! Realise that hurdle in front of you could be the last hump to jump before reaching that glorious goal.

Believe in yourself – you are amazing! You CAN do it!

And don’t be ‘all work and no play’ … reward yourself along the way, you’re worth it. And a crucial element to avoid burn-out is to be sure to stop and smell the roses.

Now, come on dear friend, get off your butt, stamp on your past excuses, and rise! Grab that pen, make that vision board, dream that dream and then set to your task like a chihuahua to the ankles of a jogger.

Come on – SHINE!
Glitz and glam and glitter and stars look so good on you!!

After three years of interviewing 100 Australians from ALL walks of life, Room To Breathe became a reality. This stunning photo-journal of Aussie life is making a difference!

A congratulatory letter from The Hon Tanya Davies, Minister for Health is today’s boost as Room To Breathe helps transform the mental health of Australia. Be sure to grab your copy and join the R2B Project!

You can do ANYTHING!!

Love, joy and happy vibes

Your friend


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Watch “KEEPING AUSSIES ALIVE – Room To Breathe” on YouTube

Now you can help stamp out suicide!

By purchasing Room To Breathe and getting it into as many hands as we can, we can help save Aussie lives.

After three years of work, with 100 people involved, we now have a vital tool enabling us to link arms and help one another live full and rewarding lives ROOM TO BREATHE is here.

Welcome aboard the R2B Project!

Your friend

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Are you ready? Does Winter leave you cold?
Have you been gearing up for some positive change – ready to get your pizzazz on?
About ready to bounce out in vitality and glamour?

Yeah, me too!!

I love that wide open-armed beckoning of Spring – inviting us on an adventure of the mind and body and soul.

Oh Spring how we love the spring you put in our step!

Let’s go!

Let’s spring into something new, something challenging, something rewarding today.

Of all the days of the calendar, we allow this one to make a difference.

We’ve semi-hybernated as the cold drew us indoors beside the heater wrapped in blankets, unenergised – but a new day has dawned.

Spring has sprung our spring!

Here’s the clean slate we knew was beckoning us. And it’s as easy as one, two, three.

1 Spring clean our home of clutter
2 our mind of worry
3 and our body of laziness

Salads and clean foods cleanse our bodies as we say no to those fatty and sugary treats we craved in the cold.

We are springing into better digestion and higher energy.

Brisk walks and outdoor play shake the excess fat from stores in our thighs and tummies.

We are springing into a leaner me with healthier bones and better circulation.

While we’re at it we’re springing into a healthier, happier heart and greater memory power!

We are focusing on those great things we can do – not the things we can’t do. We have thrown excuses out with the cold winter winds and have thrown open the door to positive energy, cleaner home and cleaner minds.

Gone with the dust, out with the clutter, finished with the thoughts that spin me around and land me right back where I began.

I am a new me. The sun is shining in my heart. I feel fresher, livelier, cheekier!!

BAM take that Winter blues!!

Here is the better, brighter, fitter, funner ME!!

Beginning today. I deserve it! I’m springing into the ab fab me! Watch out world – I’m alive!!

***If you would like some coaching into making the new you happen, or adding consistency to the new you – drop me a line on this website and let’s see what we can do together. #youmatter #allinthistogether #helpingyoushine


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After my breakdown I wondered if I would ever get back up again. Life looked so hard!

Sometimes facing too much at once can be overwhelming – believe me, I know!

Twelve-step programs encourage taking one day at a time. One day at a time, I could cope with.

I didn’t allow anxiety about my future to strangle me. I only had one day to think about. This day.


I began a daily routine that included exercise, prayer, writing and hugging my hubby. Simple stuff that began to strengthen me physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

After my breakdown, recognising signs of stress became crucial. And as I purposely faced one day at a time, I became more in tune to myself and to my needs.

That’s why right now I’m out walking. I have great goals to achieve today, but nothing prepares me for them better than exercise.

While I induce happy hormones for my body, I connect with the creator so I also release a grateful, happy spirit.

It has not been ‘doing more’ that has brought me back to life. It is living each day purposefully.

Some days that doesn’t involve much at all … simply a walk, some hugs with someone I love, a quiet chat with Papa and time spent writing – my craft that I am passionate about.

It was in the darkness I became equipped to shine in the light.

No matter what you are going through, remember the crown upon your head. You are destined to shine!


Blessings and joy and luvn vibes to you my friend.

You’ve been loved -on by

#youmatter #youshine #youareamazing #youareawinner #brilliant #shimmer #shine #glow #grow #encourage #lifelover #inthistogether #nomoreanxiety #winwin #kickinganxietysbutt #happyhormones #endorphins #amwalking #author #encourager #coachchrissy #writer #inhim #prayerworks #bodyandspirit #breadowns #forward #upward #peace #grateful #winwin #newday Don’t worry about tomorrow. Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, this day. Don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. (Matthew 6:34) #yourday #thisday

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