Never ever underestimate what you can achieve.

Sometimes we look at others and think how wonderful they must be to have what they have . . When in reality they’re probably simply someone who has had a goal and worked to its fruition.

Behind the glitz and glamour we see is someone who has worked hard toward a goal. Someone who has had a dream and pursued it. Someone who didn’t give up when the road got a little rough.

You can be that someone. How?

1. Imagine a goal
2. Write down strategies for achieving that goal
3. Make a plan on what you will do each day toward fulfilling that goal
4. Commit to it
5. Don’t quit when it looks hardest. Many people travel 85% of the way toward reaching their dreams, only to face the final hurdle and quit. Don’t be a quitter! Realise that hurdle in front of you could be the last hump to jump before reaching that glorious goal.

Believe in yourself – you are amazing! You CAN do it!

And don’t be ‘all work and no play’ … reward yourself along the way, you’re worth it. And a crucial element to avoid burn-out is to be sure to stop and smell the roses.

Now, come on dear friend, get off your butt, stamp on your past excuses, and rise! Grab that pen, make that vision board, dream that dream and then set to your task like a chihuahua to the ankles of a jogger.

Come on – SHINE!
Glitz and glam and glitter and stars look so good on you!!

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You can do ANYTHING!!

Love, joy and happy vibes

Your friend


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