Are you ready? Does Winter leave you cold?
Have you been gearing up for some positive change – ready to get your pizzazz on?
About ready to bounce out in vitality and glamour?

Yeah, me too!!

I love that wide open-armed beckoning of Spring – inviting us on an adventure of the mind and body and soul.

Oh Spring how we love the spring you put in our step!

Let’s go!

Let’s spring into something new, something challenging, something rewarding today.

Of all the days of the calendar, we allow this one to make a difference.

We’ve semi-hybernated as the cold drew us indoors beside the heater wrapped in blankets, unenergised – but a new day has dawned.

Spring has sprung our spring!

Here’s the clean slate we knew was beckoning us. And it’s as easy as one, two, three.

1 Spring clean our home of clutter
2 our mind of worry
3 and our body of laziness

Salads and clean foods cleanse our bodies as we say no to those fatty and sugary treats we craved in the cold.

We are springing into better digestion and higher energy.

Brisk walks and outdoor play shake the excess fat from stores in our thighs and tummies.

We are springing into a leaner me with healthier bones and better circulation.

While we’re at it we’re springing into a healthier, happier heart and greater memory power!

We are focusing on those great things we can do – not the things we can’t do. We have thrown excuses out with the cold winter winds and have thrown open the door to positive energy, cleaner home and cleaner minds.

Gone with the dust, out with the clutter, finished with the thoughts that spin me around and land me right back where I began.

I am a new me. The sun is shining in my heart. I feel fresher, livelier, cheekier!!

BAM take that Winter blues!!

Here is the better, brighter, fitter, funner ME!!

Beginning today. I deserve it! I’m springing into the ab fab me! Watch out world – I’m alive!!

***If you would like some coaching into making the new you happen, or adding consistency to the new you – drop me a line on this website and let’s see what we can do together. #youmatter #allinthistogether #helpingyoushine


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