Have you ever heard something that sounds backwards or inside out?

Well I have one of those statements for you …

I live the most carefree life through routine.

It seems crazy I know, but it’s the remedy for stress and the recipe for success.

Allow me tell you what I’m talking about and see if you can’t become more productive by doing less!

As a writer, it’s simple routine that brings success. My little ritual brings huge results.

You and I are physical, mental, spiritual and emotional beings, yea? What if you could charge all that up upon wakening each morning? Fully pumped and rearing to go with barely any effort aft all! Yea? Are you in?

Here’s my tip – see if its time in your life to live larger and experience more fun and productivity.

My days begin with charging my spiritual energy through #prayer and #meditation on the word.

I move my physical body through #exercise.

Hugging my man then charges up the wam and fuzzies.

Fueling my #brain with a good breakfast sees me ready for anything.

Now I’m free to spend hours doing what i love – WORKING! I love my work – creating, #writing – bringing thoughts to the page.


Because at the end of production time it’s all play! #laughter, #fun, #exploring, #traveloz #adventure #coastdays #aussiebush #helpingothers #randomactsofkindness #sowing #sharing

It is the winning formula. Tap into ALL of you early! Get up and get going. Charge yourself up spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally – you will thoroughly enjoy the difference.

Before you go, there’s always one who finds a glitch and decides the formula won’t work for them, isn’t there? It’s the ‘that might work for you but you don’t know my life’ stuff we hear all too often.

This formula wasn’t invented by me – now there’s a surprise … NOT. It’s a formula used by many successful people that I put to the test and discovered its success for myself .

If you like where you’re at. Stay there. If you would prefer more energy and play time and successful productivity, then give it a go.

It’s your life. Why not be the best you?

Use the winning formula. You matter! You deserve a great life.

You were born to shine!!!

You’ve been loved – on by

Chrissy 💜💛

Now get on out there and strutt you stuff, you amazing, incredible YOU!!

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