No matter how small, it searches out more – hungry, determined to continue, stretching itself to fulfil is desires.

Eventually fueling itself into a passionate frenzy.

We loathe its damaging effects in the scorching heat of summer but admire its warming power in winter.

Fire inspires me in its relentless energy to continue.

I’ve seen how that relentless energy can wreak havoc, cause damage and wipe out everything in its wake during Aussie summers of hot winds, dry ground and heat unbreathable.

I’ve also experienced the healing power of fire. Thawing frozen toes on frosty mornings, boiling a billy full of chai tea, cooking dinners, warming a room, toasting marshmallows, bringing energy, combating the cold winter blues.

Fire just keeps burning. It won’t stop. Even doused, it searches other avenues, boiling sometimes unseen at the surface, glowing orange as it anticipates fuel to spark it back into powerful action.

Fire is a bit like our own passions, really.

We can fuel our passion into anger, jelousy, rage. Destroying others with our tongues of fire. Wreaking havoc on family or creating enemies as we spit and charge ahead relentlessly without care for others.

But I’ve seen passions fanned into flame as friends are gathered, people encouraged, healing offered and unconditional love poured out like perfume.

Like a fire, we can fan our passionate flames to bring death or life, to be loathed or loved.

We can bring warmth and healing – or we can destroy.
We can provide a place of comfort – or bring disaster.

Are you a Summer fire of destruction or a Winter fire of provision?

Where are you fanning your feelings? What are your passions moving you toward?
God calls our heart the source from which passions spring. What’s burning in your heart?

Be careful your fire doesn’t possess you. Be wary of it burning out of control through hatred, aversion, fear or envy.

There are many passion-fires burning – you choose what you fuel.

Fuel love. Fan it by the attraction of goodness, kindness, gratefulness. This fire is rewarded by mutual pleasure and joy and goodness. It helps fan others’ fires – helping, healing, growing and glowing in energy.

As you fan your flame today, direct it toward your desired outcome, be sure to be fueling the right flames. Extinguish your anger as you fuel your peace. Quench your rage as you fuel your love.

Burn brightly. Shine your light.

Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you.
2 Timothy 1:6


Shine on Crazy Diamond.

Your friend
Chrissy ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›

Need help or inspiration? Write to me at chrissyguinery.com and together let’s fan your flame and see you glow!

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