Mirror mirror you don’t capture me at all


OK girls, this one’s for you.
I just got out of the shower and bent down to put my clothes on. There’s a full-length mirror in front of me – something I’m not used to because I live in a van and our only mirror is about the size of my face.

I saw my mummy-tummy and boobies that never used to look like that. I saw love-handles and saggy skin that once was taunt and terrific. At first I was shocked some old lady was sharing the bathroom with me. And then real shock set in when I realised this reflected image was my body! Mine! How, and when did this happen?!

And it got me thinking what a positive body image I have, because I don’t dwell on that mirrored body image. My mind thinks young so it tells me I am young and I feel young. This thinking fuels vitality and energy. The mirror doesn’t determine how I feel or think about myself because I refuse to give it that power. Are you hearing me girls?

I got a shock at that mirror body image at first. But I gave that old lady the thumbs-up and a cheeky wink. I dressed myself in my colorful, fun clothes. I stood up straight, sucked in my mummy-tummy, pushed up my tiny boobies, put my chins up and smiled at that reflected body image.

Our minds are powerful. What we think, we can become. I could allow the recorded naked old-lady image to replay all day and cause me grief, but that isn’t who I am. The real me is so much more than a body image. I am uniquely made, glorious and delightful. I’m a collection of happy vibes and groovy images and wild abandon and a heart full of love.

I would be embarrassed to look at someone else and judge them based on their skin tone, wrinkles, hair colour or body shape – how foolish would I be to judge myself on a mirrored naked body image?

Come on girls. We choose to see the good in others, let’s do it for ourselves. Nurture your nature . You are beautiful. Wonderfully unique. Born to shine. Created to glow from the inside out. Your light comes from within. Walk away from the mirror and get out there strutting your glorious style.

The world has a need for each one of us! Our smiles bring joy to others. We celebrate ourselves in all our splendour. We know peace through prayer and we know love through a God who loves us completely.

I am imperfectly, perfectly me.

We were created on purpose, for a purpose. Who you are is deeper, more beautiful, more miraculous than any mirrored body image could ever display. You are SENSATIONAL!

Let the love, joy and happy vibes flow

Your friend Chrissy 💜💛

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