How many times have you tried to change?
And, like many of us, have you found it short-lived?

But you know you want to make changes.

Great, do! Do it for you!

But make sure they’re good ones.

The art of appreciation can transform not only our THINKING, but our WORK, our MARRIAGE and FRIENDSHIPS and, well, let’s face it, it can’t help but result in a transformed LIFE!

It may not take a geographical change or a relationship break down to see you falling into the life you dream of.

It may come from a shift within your thinking, more than shifting house. It may come from beginning to nurture yourself rather than running away.

I looked for happiness in so many places – drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships. I found fleeting happiness that had very short use-by dates and none of it fueled my soul or built lasting joy into my heart.

Then one day everything changed. EVERYTHING.
I swallowed my pride and reached out.

In so doing, I POSITIONED myself for a change from within. One I couldn’t conjure up in my own strength. Thank God, I didn’t need to!

He provides all the resources, strength, guidance, nurturing and wisdom. And he provides the rocket-fuel to make my dreams come alive and HAPPEN!

So, no, you are NOT stuck where you are.
Ditch that defeatist attitude and allow the attitude of gratitude to place you places you never could have dreamed of.

Its as easy as one, two, three.

1 trust God
2 allow him to fragrance your life with the perfume of gratefulness
3 commit to living life fully

You’re a grateful-heart-moment away from …. (insert your loves here)

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Love, joy and happy vibes

Your friend Chrissy 💜💛

Traveling Oz beside Step, in a van called Buzz writing books and helping others shine. 🌞

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