Nothing beats a good love story

Love in all its glorious abundance.
Such an exciting time!
His empty tomb means no more empty life for us.

Nothing feels better than connecting with others, celebrating victories and sharing the luvn … oh and the hot cross buns and chocolate of course!

Easter provides the perfect opportunity to say thank you! To my tribe – those online, on-the-road and at ‘home’ … you bless me immeasurably, encourage me no end and inspire me to help others shine.

May the unlimited blessings of the Easter message fill you with hope and light, life and love.

πŸ•† HAPPY β™” EASTER πŸ•†

Look at us; we are right in the centre of the story! It was all for us!

We call it Good Friday but I reckon on that first Friday things looked really bad. There would have been panic and disappointment and dashed hopes, but what the crowd didn’t realise was that Sunday was coming!

If you’re struggling with a situation that looks like there’s no way out, may the Easter message bring you hope. SUNDAY IS COMING!

The Easter message is much more than a story – it’s a lifeline! There’s a hand reaching out to you right now, grab it this Easter.

The bad Good Friday has gone. It is finished!Your Sunday breakthrough is coming!

My prayer is that you would position yourself to receive the power available to propel you into your destiny, ignite you with shining light and overwhelm your heart with love.

Easter is all about miraculous new beginnings … God has made a way where it seemed impossible for anything good to happen.
And it’s better than good.
It’s amazing!

He did it on a cross on that first historic Easter and the power never ceases in potency.

Bless you as you experience the greatest redemptive story ever told … and make it your own!

Love, joy and Happy Easter vibes

Your friend Chrissy πŸ’œπŸ’›

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