You Tell Me

I love hearing from you … now I need you to tell me.

You see, after chatting with fellow writers and bloggers, and being in the midst of seting my 2017 goals, I thought I would ask YOU before making any major changes.

American Statistics are showing more Millennials are reading blogs and searching books online. Online info has been the ‘norm’ for these guys.

Whilst stats show many Boomers caught on fast, others are just beginning to puddle around the edges of online info and purchases.

What about us Aussies? WHAT DO WE THINK?

I noticed that one-line social media posts and tweets came into the fore in a frenzy, but things are turning again, and readers are seeking more.

Having a few thousand followers and readers, I thought I would turn to you. What would YOU like to be reading on blogs?
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If you’d like to comment, pop your response here or drop me a line at the social media site of your convenience.

I love hearing from you!

I will let you know our findings.

Love, joy and happy vibes


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