Planning where our days go


Have you pictured 2017? Can you see it?

Planned? Set some goals?
Know where you’re going and how to get there?

That’s where I am at today. A bit late, you may be thinking, but there are those who don’t do it at all. Those same people may get to the end of this year and wonder where the days went.
Not this little black duck. I am planning where my days go and encouraging you to do the same.

With the buzz of family, the chaos of grandchildren and the lack of structure in our workfree days, our world has been exhilaratingly crazy until today.

This is the day of dreams-on-paper, plans with deadlines, and monitored achievements.
This is the day of something great!
Will you join me?
Do you know what you want and can you write down a way to make it happen?
Because you know that if you don’t, it may not happen for you again this year.

My year burst into life in our traditional family chaos – with extra vans and extra beds, tiny bodies on mattresses and new toys to explore; mealtimes that take an hour to prepare and endless hours to linger over; coffee shops making a small fortune off us whist in no hurry for the 21 of us to return; four generations bonding in love and camera phones burning batteries almost as fast as the littlies’ cute antics we attempt to capture.

Paradoxically, time stands still while it flies by too quickly. Card games and dice games and board games and laughter.

New life and energy buzzing all about us with rainbows of delightfulness in new black kittens and yellow chickens and green cucumbers out of the garden amidst tall gum trees and a sneaky red belly.

And today our family calms into its restful busyness.

Step and I are poised with pens to write new plans for books, touring Oz, encouraging, helping others shine, and seeing our pathway to spreading love, joy and happy vibes …. of which I wish you now 💜💛

Journey well. Journey wise.
Dream big and live bigger.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this year with you.
Stay in touch and remember TOGETHER WE WIN.


Your friend Chrissy

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