Living a success story


Yesterday’s post brought up a WHOLE LOTA ISSUES.

This is what started it, when I wrote to my hubby on social media:

Being with you is beautiful and wonderful and adventurous and exciting all at once. There’s been struggle and pain, separation and tribulation, but it feels as though our best years are just beginning.
We’ve slipped into a groove now we’ve grown in patience & learnt to smile at our quirkiness. I like that we finally seem to ‘get’ each other. What would I put it down to?
If one word could capture the essence of what we walk in, I would call it GRACE.

So today I am adding the background:-

We used to pull in opposite directions in some things that we’ve now grown alike in.

We were immature enough to QUIT ON OUR MARRIAGE when we were younger and it’s only by grace that we gave it another crack.

In the blackness of the drama you can think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel… but God IS light, so we clung to Him with all our might. I dont know how God did it, but man am I sure glad He did ‘for the delight of what we have now’ (Ruth Jones quote).

We’ve only been traveling for the last 7 or 8 years. Prior to that there was all the usual stuff to deal with…
parents before celebrating turning 21,
both of us working and
struggling to pay bills and
raising children and
facing our own demons as they arose.

And just when you think you’ve nailed one phase of life BAM there’s another to journey through:
kids’ jobs,
kids driving

and then BAM
kids leaving home and
traveling and

and then BAM
another generation emerges with tinytots brought into the mix.

Phew, there’s so many external changes, let alone the internal ones.

We struggled through messy phases by the grace of God and many supportive friends. Friends who counseled and forgave, advised, carried & sustained us; loved and helped.

You know the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? Well I reckon IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO MAKE A MARRIAGE. (What’s your community like?)

We’ve also got a family that pour love over our mistakes – liberally and generously! Oh and we have a supportive church too!

Gosh when I think about it, this success story is the result of a whole lota work from a whole lota people – THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR YOUR HELP OVER THE PAST 38 YEARS! And for what’s to come. πŸ’œπŸ’›

Love, joy and happy vibes
Your friend

It takes a team!
Together we win!
Helping others shine!

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