How’s your health?

As warmer weather hits, more of us are thinking about our health again.
The mornings are balmy for walking and the ocean’s temperature is friendlier toward water sports.
My health-app, though, is taking my health just a tad too far!

To the point where it thinks I’m FRED FLINTSTONE!

The phone sits beside me as we travel in Buzz, and it clicks-up steps & credits me with a good walking pace….I know Buzz isn’t the latest model, but we are just a tad more advanced than Flintstone pedal-power!!!!

It is a good reminder though, that being active is an important part of maintaining fitness. Along with good nutrition and proper rest, sensible activity can see us enjoying life now and help prepare towards healthier aging.

Step it out my friends … and while you’re at it, smile at some strangers. Because friendliness and kindness are also crucial to aging well.

Luvn vibes

Your friend Chrissy πŸ’œπŸ’›

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