A whole new world

Who hasn’t, at some stage in your life, wished for a whole new world?

Every now & then I get a glimpse of this whole new world… a world where grace and kindness eliminate anger and prejudice.
A world where service to others isn’t a duty, but an act of love.
A world where we look to the needs of others, not in superior sympathy, but with genuine empathy.
A world where listening and embracing become the norm over demanding and excluding.
A world where singing is heard above shouting, and where dancing is the preference to fighting.

The vision is so compelling and enticing I can’t help but fall to my knees and pray ‘help me to live in this new world every day, where i look to another’s needs above my own, where I listen, embrace, include and pour grace… Please Lord, use me!’.

May our hearts burn for justice and our light shine to lead others into Truth.

We don’t need a stage and we don’t need a platform, all we need is a willing and tender heart.

You hear me quote it often: 🎢what a wonderful world🎢

Love, joy and happy vibes
Your friend

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