What’s stopping you?

Personal development seems to be the new catchphrase –
but what does it mean?
And why does it sound like something other people say?

I think it’s the beginning of people taking responsibility for ourselves and our outcomes.

It is us saying ‘enough is enough’ over circumstances that we’ve allowed to hold us down and stop us moving forward. It is us ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and discovering our dreams – no excuses permitted.

It is a rising: that begins in our heart, travels through to our mind and results in action.

If you haven’t begun the journey – make today the day to position yourself for personal development.
Create a dream and discover what makes you happy so you can influence not just your own lifestyle but have a positive impact on others.

I ask God about mine – not once, but repeatedly. I figure if He made me, He should know the plan, eh? It is a safe place to start – because He is good and kind and helpful and loving and wants the absolute best for us.
He made us to shine our light. Who are we to have our switch flicked to the off position ? That’s crazy!

Plug into the Source today and begin your personal development journey.

Don’t forget to contact me if assistance is needed – it is my pleasure!

Shine on!

Luvn vibes upon you
Your friend Chrissy


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