You’re allowed to be successful

Do you believe you could be successful?
Do you allow yourself to be successful?
Have you ever begun something and quickly quit when it seemed too hard? I know i have … many a time!

Ever self-sabotaged? You know what I mean – you’ve had something good going on but ruined your chances of succeeding with it through quitting or laziness or being enticed away for a ‘quick fix’ instead of continuing.

Then here’s a saying for you:

We conquor by continuing.

I am learning not to sacrifice tomorrow’s dream by living only for the joys of today.
Now I think a little bigger – because I know that a large component of sucess is simply persevering.

When we wish & hope & want, without the ‘do’ our dreams can elude us.

During public speaking gigs, I often have people excitedly tell me that they are writing a book. I love to encourage them to continue; because the only way that book will ever be written is if they continue. Someone else is not going to finish writing your book.
And this applies to most things in life. We conquer by continuing. Most often in life, our success can be measured by the effort we’ve put into it.

I will acknowledge though, that things can get easier as we get into a flow. For example, as my second publisher is putting together my second book, I am really enjoying the rhythm of writing and am almost halfway through writing my third. Yes, once we find our groove, things get easier. But to find our groove usually takes work first.

Today, why don’t you enjoy the moment whilst working toward a goal … you will quickly & pleasantly discover we really can have the best of both worlds.

We conquer by continuing.

May your activities be filled with love, joy and happy vibes.

Shine your light – it is yours to shine!

You’ve been encouraged and luvd on by
Your friend

(Adapted from my first book Falling Up Stairs)
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