Self-depreciation verses self-appraisal

Self-depreciation verses self-appraisal

Each time I do something, I am learning to spend time analysing my mistakes.

Some things I am learning:-
1. Healthy self-appraisal creates growth & develops new skills, builds self-esteem & enhances me.
2. Unhealthy self-depreciation undervalues, downgrades, minimises and belittles me.

In a healthy, positive appraisal, one is not too precious about being ‘perfect’- perfection is never the goal. One is simply learning & evaluating areas where there may be improvement. Tim Fargo gave good advice: ‘you’ve already paid the tuition, you might as well get the lesson.’

Sometimes (as I did in the past) one thinks they’re not being ‘honest’ unless they are beating themselves up over everything. And I mean everything.

This has NOTHING to do with honesty or growth. It is not self-evaluation – it is self-deprecation!

The former bears the good fruit of growth, improvement, enhancement, encouragement & advancement.

But the latter only ever serves to belittle, undervalue, downgrade, minimise and disparage oneself.

World’s apart!

Beating oneself up can be a little act of martyrdom. It’s a lose-lose situation as opposed to the win-win of the goal of self-improvement.

Wrong-focus upon falling short, failing, embarrassing oneself or other derogatory terms, comes from a critical and disrespectful attitude. (An attitude most would be embarrassed about applying to others.)

When positive,we are kind to ourselves, and toward others.

Self-appraisal is NOT about needing to be perfect. It IS about wanting to rise and improve. When the motive is right, it is most rewarding.

Healthy self-evaluation:-
1. brings improvement & development of additional skills
2. provides opportunity to assess achievements and reflect on performance
3. helps create consistency
4. provides goals for real and tangible improvement.

Discovering strengths and weaknesses helps build strengths and improve weaknesses.

Taking initiative is the beginning of wisdom.
Results include becoming stronger and gaining skills in better expressing oneself in an understandable, relatable way.

The entire process REMAINS POSITIVE.

1. Look into the areas that need developing by generating excitement about learning more about one’s craft.
2. Don’t allow shortcomings to stop you; allow them to propel you forward!
3. Acknowledge that skills grow through further learning.
4. Self-appraisal does not include wrongly feeding a low self-image by accusing or belittling oneself. It is a positive and enriching experience.
5. Analysing mistakes results in learning from them.

Growing and learning and experimenting with new tactics to improve and become more effective in ministering to others is enriching and uplifting.

It is my goal to minister, assist and shine whilst being effective in making a difference to others’ lives, & I consider it an honour, joy and a privilege.

We are ALL born to shine πŸ’₯

We have just proven that self-depreciation from poor self-image will never achieve anything positive. It’s purpose is to keep you down, down, deeper & down.

That is NEVER God’s intention, & thank God, it will never be mine again.

And I pray it would never be yours.

Shine on!

Thanks for joining me on the journey to self-discovery, self-appraisal and positive improvement.

πŸ’œπŸ’› Chrissy

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