How difficult is forgiveness?!

How difficult is forgiveness?

We hear often that all we need to do is forgive.
But how difficult is it?!
We reason that by somehow holding onto the hurt, we are gaining the upper hand.

Twelve-step programs, Christian teaching & myriad counsellors advise differently.

They’re more inclined to give the advice I read this morning in the devotional Word For Today:
‘The basis of true emotional healing rests on your willingness to forgive and, when possible, make amends to those you’ve hurt. If you owe someone a debt, you must try to pay it. If you’ve wounded them, you must apologise and try to restore the relationship.’

I, myself, took way too long to learn this. I had to get sick (emotionally & physically) to finally figure it out.

Now, it is something I teach & write about often.
A simple concept, yet so seemingly difficult to carry out.
And, once carried out, possibly the most liberating experience!

Done with humility and integrity, it transforms lives! Firstly, YOUR OWN!

Most often, the stories I get back are that emotional wounds are quickly healed in ALL parties, & relationships restored. All it took was someone to approach it.
It is incredible the results.

Most often, most people (like me) had put it off because they’d imagined it to be a difficult, messy, painful & possibly ugly scenario.
Yet the opposite proves true!

If you are struggling, making yourself sick with anger or worry or regret, I strongly recommend this healing therapy resting on your willingness to forgive and, when possible, make amends to those you’ve hurt.

Make amends, apologise or begin a repayment plan on an old debt. Free yourself & the other party from the continuing nagging pain.

I know you will be released and blessed in your growth today.

I once read:-
Try to leave people better than you found them.
Hug the hurt.
Kiss the broken.
Befriend the lost.
Love the lonely.

No apologies or amends are needed with a lifestyle like that.

Today, let’s make it our aim.

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