When the time is RIGHT

Have you ever tried to make something happen & nothing seems to work?
Man, I have!

I have been working on a project for nigh on three years, yep, 3! And I have come up against obstacles all the way.

It was as impossibly difficult as attempting to swim against the tide – & as if battling against the tide wasn’t enough to almost drown me; it felt like the river also had dangerous debris to navigate.
This debris (obstacles) sometimes took the shape of criticism; other times it was mountains of inexperience or a lack of know-how.

I thought of quitting a number of times.
We are told to ‘take every thought captive’ – & so I would surrender my mind-struggle afresh to the One who fights for me; lay my project aside, & rest awhile.

Well, right now, I am tripping on God’s goodness.
My project is finally coming together. And it doesn’t even seem like I’m trying.
Do you know what I mean?

Everything is flowing smoothly; obstacles seem to have disappeared, & those mountains have been flattened & smoothed into straight paths!

I am again rediscovering that ‘to everything there is a season, a time for everything under the sun’.

And when your time comes, woohoo, there’s no stopping you!
I tell ya God will go way above & beyond when the time is right.

THE PAST FORTNIGHT I have had a coach, a friend, a sister, a publisher, a son-in-love & a stranger approach me to lend a helping hand, give assistance, be of service, & come to my rescue.

My project is working!! Without me working on it – you hear what I am saying?

In His hands, in His time -NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

It is almost like, all I can do now is lay back relaxed, & float on the warm current of success that comes through TEAM.

You know I often tag ‘together we win’
You know it is true.

1 know your project
2 pray into it
3 trust God’s timing
4 experience intervals of rest
5 keep trusting
6 embrace your helpers
7 swim in success


2 Corinthians 10:4-6
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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