Do you hear the echo?


Everyone has memories. Not all of them are good ones. But certainly some of them are.

If I were to define good memories, (you know the ones that release happy hormones) I would suggest

1 Memories are precious souvenirs carried home from the past

2 Memories are the echo of our heart singing

Pondering upon a good memory can be a lifesaving breath of fresh air some days.

Indulge yourself:

Someone may have encouraged you back in your school days.
Someone may have befriended you when you thought you were alone.
It may be the perfect wave you caught on your favourite beach.
Or a celebration with loved ones where the vibe was just perfect.
A holiday where the weather was all sunshiny days.
An icecream savoured on a steamy day.
Or hot soup in front of a warm fire while snow tumbled down in a frozen scene outside your window.
A movie.
A toy.
A bush walk.
A train ride.
A trip to the zoo.

We all have memories
And we all have opportunities to make some new ones.
Let’s gather some ‘souvenirs’ & allow the song of our heart to echo through our future.

Earlier today a friend said ‘thank God for memories’.

I reckon he’s right.

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