How’s YOUR day?

Today’s feedback looks as bright as a dazzling sunset.

Allow me to deliver a snippet to your email by way of ensuring you THERE IS A WAY
for you!

Some of it looks like this – ‘you will be pleased to know I haven’t missed a day of achieving my 10,000 steps a day – feeling great!’.
Now, let me give you a sneak peak into the background story … in a nutshell, it was 2 months of El being devoured by depression.
Today’s story is a woman who exclaims ‘feeling great’ … Remember, this is a statement that seemed so far away it wasn’t reachable.
And now it’s her story!

How about:
‘I love your words, they breathe life into me.’
I get such a kick out of comments like this one from Donna!
Who wouldn’t?

I’m telling you that living our lives the way we’re called to live it, can be helping US while encouraging others to live the life they’re called to.

We can be
Validating others
Helping others
Loving others

There’s no greater buzz than seeing another BELIEVE they can rise.

You can!

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Living life well.

Love, Joy & Happy Vibes

Chrissy 💜💛

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