Strength in Diversity

Blessings dear friend!

There is much for you to embrace – beginning with your own loveliness!

As I prepare seminars & talks, I can’t help but appreciate the diversity of life.
It’s not just that I am loving my days driving following the white line; or days lost in the bush or drifting along the sand; or even days spent in worship & days spent embracing newfound friends or the days of togetherness in rainforests & hugging tall trees – no, it is also the days of anxiety and worry & stress & hopelessness that preceded these days of living life free. Living Maximum strength & delighting in all it can be!
Because it was my own unwellness that was my launching pad to reaching out to help others.
It was my own sadness that sparked a tiny flame to bring joy to another sad soul.
And before long, there were more of us feeling cheered, finding hope $ sharing happy vibes.
If you would like to learn more, attend a seminar or organise a talk with me, please contact me through today.

Sending love. And joy. And happy vibes to thee.


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