Mini Me


That moment when ‘Chrissy Guinery’ famous Australian author turns up at the school book fair … Complete with her copy of Falling Up Stairs.

And she’s got the pose down pat!


You may have tried to build something in the past, & feel like you failed. I can assure you that if you use your past experiences & mistakes as stepping stones instead of roadblocks, there is success ahead.
I felt like a loser for the first 20 years of life, before discovering hope & faith & dreams.

From gorges & waterfalls & organic farms & wholefood markets to conferences & churches & art galleries & theatres, the joys of this Falling Up Stairs adventure are beyond what I dreamed.

Have you booked yet? Please, allow me to encourage you to pursue your dreams, to live your life maximum strength, to get involved in community & shine your unique light. Shine on crazy diamond.

I get so excited about upcoming gigs. It’s such a privilege to help others discover how to shine! You were designed for a bright future.

Email for details.

Love, joy & happy vibes


Chrissy Guinery
Motivational Speaker & Author

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