Feeling low? Have I got a lift for you!

Need a lift?
Need some reassurance?

Check this out. It is so very cool!!

I love this! Three times Peter had denied Jesus on the night Jesus was betrayed, right?

I guess he was feeling pretty low about that (to put it mildly)

THEN, woohoo, Jesus comes in His resurrected form (about a week after Peter has told 3 different people he has nothing to do with Jesus – remember, darling Peter had previously assured Jesus that he would never deny Him).

So there’s Jesus back – & here’s the kicker; Peter gets to declare His love for Jesus THREE times.

I get so excited about Jesus’ redemption work in us!
He constantly reminds us that we are forgiven (no guilt. no condemnation) and that we’re here for a purpose!

He not only allows Peter the liberty and freedom from his denial (which he’d be feeling guilty about – particularly now that He has to face Jesus again – awkward!) …but He expresses His love for Peter & then let’s Peter know that He loves him so much, He has a future for him. Wow.

And Peter gets to speak it out, that he truly loves Jesus!

Peter is then shown that he will shepherd and care for those who belong to Jesus. His words reveal Peter’s role as the leader of the new Church, the Body of Christ there in Jerusalem that will be responsible for spreading the gospel after Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Awesome eh!

Not just forgiveness and redemption, but hope and a future. Not just hope & a future, but impact upon the world in Jesus’ name.

That’s US too!!!!
I love this stuff!!!!

check out John 21:15-17

And no matter what you’ve done and said, all you have to do is to allow Jesus to love you. What a deal!
What a Saviour!
What a faith!

Christianity is never about what you’ve done. It’s about WHO YOU BELIEVE !!

Come on, you were born to LIVE!

Love, joy & happy vibes


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