Are YOU part of your community

Are YOU part of your community?
Would you like to live a more fulfilled life?
Are you seeking ways to find happiness?

In anyone’s journey, it’s important to remember the ‘together we can’ theory.

We weren’t created to do life alone. We were always intended to be ‘community’.

It’s healthy for us to play our role – whether it’s helping another or giving them the joy of helping us!

I get so many readers writing to me on this topic because they’ve discovered for themselves, that once ‘lone rangers’ jump aboard a community project or simply offer help or receive support, lives change. For the better.

In understanding the principal of sowing & reaping, you’re not only blessing others as you go about trying to do good, but are also investing in your own life, & your own future.
‘Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper’ the Bible assures us in Proverbs (11:11).

‘Each & every one of us has the potential to make a difference in our town… We have the power to change our own lives & the lives of those around us when we live with purpose & passion – with vision… YOU & ME were created to have something to live for; something to strive toward.
‘It’s been scientifically proven the happiest and most content people, are usually those that are the most giving & grateful… Psychologists, counsellors & mental-health workers all agree – one of the most significant activities that impacts long-term happiness is the simple act of showing kindness.’ (FallingUpStairs)

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