Now that we are back in civilisation & the land of Internet connection, we are munching on a Vegemite & cheese sandwich in the grocery store car park before getting back on the road again.

I just had a beautiful encounter in a shopping mall with a delightful African man who told me I was ‘good for a community’ & had light shining from me.
Last Sunday a gentleman in the church we attended prophesied that we were evangelists shedding light in darkness.
Neither of these men knew me. They were random encounters that brought such encouragement.

It is a blessed life to serve our God.

With such passion and grace, wooing people into Jesus’ loving embrace, He chooses to express Himself through us! It is still too marvellous to comprehend so great a love, so rich a passion and so amazing grace!

No matter where we roam, down gorges to the top of waterfalls, on farms & in cities, there His love flows freely!!

From strawberries & avocados to mandies & loo paper, clothing, yabbies, & so many more random gifts just keep coming! We don’t seem to be able to meet anyone who doesn’t end up pouring blessing into our lives!

The ridiculous reality is, we expect it. Haha. Not in a proud way as if we deserve it.
But because we know how generous our Dad is!

The Creator of the universe, the Creator of everything beautiful and wonderful, that Guy, that Creator, LIVES IN YOU.
He is passionately besotted by you.
He can’t get enough of you. He dances over you and rejoices in you.
He is drunk with love for YOU.

Sometimes our mind gets in the way of our heart. We hear about His passionate love for us and His beautiful plan for us and our heart wants to rejoice but we look around at our surroundings and wonder if it’s true.
And our mind gets into battle with our heart.
We have to tell our mind to throw open the cage door and let our heart out to fly! Our heart can soar on the wings of angels, our heart can rise and get the heavenly perspective on things. Our heart can see into eternity and rejoice. Our heart can rest within the Father on His throne.
And it can bring back the triumphant heavenly messages to remind our minds of who we are, where we are seated and in Whose company we dwell.
The Almighty Lord of Heavens Armies raises a banner over us.
And His banner over YOU is LOVE!

I guess it’s a case of who’s report will we believe?
What our mind tells us in the natural or what our heart knows fully well in the spiritual?

Our analytical mind calls things weird or impossible, bizarre or unusual, maybe even embarrassing.
But a heart set free knows flying is naturally supernatural. We are FREE!

We let the heart and mind battle at times but all along the battle has already been won by Jesus. The moment He conquered sin and death on that cross and by the power of His resurrection, we were set free.
Well more than that really.

Because He was the first born of the new species.
We are an entire new creation. Like nothing that the world or universe had ever seen until Christ conquered, killed, defeated, annihilated SIN!

He’s not DOING it or about to DO it. It is DONE.
WHat did He declare before mankind and spiritual beings upon that cross? IT IS FINISHED. It is DONE. And no correspondence will be entered into.
There’s more than a full stop. There’s an exclamation mark and an AMEN!!

Don’t miss it!
He’s a free gift to all who ask.

Those who seek, FIND!

And you’ve just been loved-on

By Chrissy