Bitchin’ & moanin’

You ask how we do it.
Well at times, it’s with a lot of bitchin’ & moanin’ and frayed tempers!

You may recall my whining, our tempers barely contained, & our funds depleted. It was just a coupla days ago.

And you may recall I asked you to stay tuned as I knew someone was on the move.

Well here we are cruising down roads we’ve never travelled before on the adventure of our wildest dreams after an envigoratingly totally body-numbing FREEZING shower. Things changed within us and around us just after we asked Father for help. Funny that eh!

Get this: we were down to the last egg at breakfast. We lit a fire & boiled the billy. We heated the pan, cracked the egg into it and voila – a double yoker!

We ‘sumbled upon’ our divinely appointed campsite immediately after praying for God to open our eyes after bitching about things not going our way two days back.

Funny us.
Funny God.

He has and is providing in ways we never imagined. Our first rest stop this YEAR with a hot shower.
Open space. Timelessness. Peace within and around us. Beauty and the incredibly huge expanse that is Queensland sky with its ever hanging spectacular displays.

I tell ya to WATCH THIS SPACE cos He never misses an opportunity to show off when we seek His face. For real. Try Him!

Please do. Too often we stumble about almost blind in the darkness of our pain & woes when all along the Father of Light wants to shed love & provision all over us.

Blessings & love & joy & happy vibes be yours as you venture forth. From your friend
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