When faith hits the road

When faith hits the road

Isn’t it easy to trust in God when the going is good & we’re merrily cruising through life? YeP!
But we all know life is full of challenges & unpredictables.

Camped, dwarfed & cramped between some grey nomad ‘big rigs’ right on the river’s edge last night, but didn’t access the river. Far too many spectators for skinny dipping haha
Cooked dinner & breakfast on a small fire – only to discover, driving out, a huge sign saying no fires. Woops! We are sticklers for obeying signs!! I can’t believe we didn’t know til we left. There must have been a lot of others who didn’t see the sign either, as there were quite a few glowing in the evening.
11am – & little Buzz is transporting us along the road heading west hoping to get away from the crowds and find somewhere to settle for a few days or more. We are using a lot of $ on fuel. Have blown the budget & are in the red. 😳
We need to stop & smell some free roses for a while while Father tops up the bank account for us.

What an adventure!
Watch this space & see what He does πŸ™πŸΌ

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Love, joy, happy vibes & a boost of faith to ya dear friend!

Your (crazy) Chrissy