All in a day’s meandering

One day. This day.

You’ve requested I write about our day.
I can’t say it’s a typical day – as life is eclectic, varied & mostly unpredictable when you live in a van on the move.
But I can say this is this day; so, come on, come with …

It is the 233rd day of #vanlife in Buzz3. It’s Saturday 9th July, 2016 & we’ve awoken to a glorious day brimming with #promise. I’m eager to see where our Luvn vibes can fall as we join our host family for a breakfast of homemade muesli & #juice drinks blended so thick they won’t pour so we resort to ‘eating’ them with a spoon.

By 11am four of us are meandering with the colourful crowds that is Eumundi Markets.

Anniversary gifts are discovered, yummy home-brewed chai is drunk – & a picture clicked with its maker. 4,500 steps are taken, blue treats bought, talented musos vying for attention have been danced to, homemade empanadas & ginger cookies are devoured hungrily, & 3.5k is covered easily at Eumundi Markets by these wearily euphoric travellers.
Queensland’s winter sun shines with the force of a Tasmanian summer as we quickly become instant friends with stall holders & musicians – business cards exchanged & hugs shared.

By 3pm we’ve embraced our way through teary goodbyes & zoomed off in a laden Buzz onto the next highway north; taking the love of God onto the road – cos that’s how we roll in the Buzzmobile.

4pm sees us gathering wood on the side of the road in anticipation of tonight’s fire which burns brightly by
5.20pm where we’re set up alongside the Mary River.
We’re a well-oiled machine & have our campsite looking like a hippyhome in no time cos we know that the happiest & most content people in the world are usually those that are the most giving & the most grateful.

Amidst our colourful rugs, bright sarongs & mosaic trivet we reflect on our giving over the past coupla weeks of helping randomly & strategically – not as superheroes, just a couple of travellers doing what we can with what we have. Changing the world one person at a time.
We say a prayer of thanks for our surroundings, fellow sojourners & host families.

Life is good … the birds chattering excitedly above us as they roost for the night & another day comes to a spectacular orange-glowing close. We snuggle closer to the fire cooking our lamb chops for dinner & allow the peace of the bush to permeate our souls.

We’re ready to fall into the mass of blankets & cushions that is our bed-on-wheels by 8pm. Simply grateful for a simple day well-lived.

As you begin your day, may you start on #purpose with eyes wide open & arms ready to embrace.
And may it be brimming to overflowing with LOVE, JOY & HAPPY VIBES.


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