What does it take to give you a lift?

Want a lift?
Need to feel a bit brighter?

Well join me as I’m taking my own advice; at last!!

I have been neglecting one of the little things that give me a lift. A simple thing that helps me feel glad, as Pollyanna would phrase it.
For some ridiculous reason without justification, I stopped getting my nails done. I think I felt guilty about spending the money on myself once a month. But really?!
As a writer my hands are a big focus point. I’m gazing down at my fingers all the time, clicking away on my keyboard or my phone, & I love the look of pretty nails (as opposed to dirty, chipped & chewed).
My advice to women all the time includes: ‘do what makes you feel great so you DO feel great, & spread your great feelings over others!’ And here I have been feeling lousy every time I look down to write!! Der!
Not much inspiration is going to flow from that!!

Well watch out world! Woohoo, this babe is getting my creative on!!!
And please, if there’s something simple you can do to help you shine, don’t neglect it, DO IT!

You are ALWAYS worth it.

Love, joy & sparkling happy vibes to ya.

Chrissy x🎈x