What’s the base?

What is it all based on anyway?

Thanks for asking! I love it when you do.

My favourite thing about Christian Faith is that it is not really about what we do, but WHY we do it. It’s about the motive: the heart.
So it isn’t ‘works’ based.

But faith based. And love based. And, here’s the best news of all, GRACE based!

Man, here’s where we stop striving and comparing and worrying and trying and fretting and trying to prove ourselves and instead, simply just smile & breathe.

How flipn awesome is that!!!!!

I know I just made your day.

Now go on, get out and live in the Liberty earned for you!

But remember, I’m speaking to Christians – those who’ve said ‘yep, I’m tired of doing life my way, teach me Your ways Lord. I believe!!’

Luv ya ta bits
Joy & happy vibes & grace be yours



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