Your time

Your time
This is YOUR life

This is my life. I am alive. A quiet reflection time to assemble my thoughts before fully launching into the day ahead. I am embracing the energy in all its loveliness, breathing in the wind, allowing sunlight to tickle my cheeks. The space is wide, the air fresh, the sea an expanse of vitality & passion, the sky an ever-changing array of effervescence. My mind is pleased to be awake, my body flexible, strong. I’ve settled into a private nook in the rocks, practicing the art of being still, body, mind & spirit, before the 2k walk back along this prodigious shore. Back to Buzz & homemade muesli & further adventures to places yet undiscovered by me.

I am alive.
This is my life.

Give yourself time to know you. Time to meet you then greet you then love you.

Open your eyes then your arms then your heart to all the fragrant delectable essence of you.

Love you
Joy to you
Happy vibes within you

Chrissy x๐Ÿ’œx

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