Pursue your dreams

A time to celebrate

Dreams pursued, if you don’t give up, do come true!!


The top pic is Buzz1 late August, way back in 2009 …revelling in Queensland warmth after a freeeeeezing June, July, August inland, south & experiencing frost & ice.
Seven years later – yes, that’s right SEVEN YEARS later, we are FULFILLING A DREAM and have arrived to warmth at the BEGINNING of winter in Buzz3. It took many cold, windy & wet nights on the journey: but we have made it.

Have you had a dream you thought would never happen? Got tired of trying? Gave up hoping? Resurrect it.
Pull it out of the dark archives & bring it into the light. Dust it off. Breathe life into it. And do it!

Sending you love, joy & happy vibes.