Breakwall meditations

Goin’ where the weather suits my clothes.

It’s day 203 of Buzz3 & I’m sitting in a cushioned-campchair at a breakwall, dreaming. You know, just feeling the sun on my skin, listening to the waves lapping the rocks, gazing out to sea & just letting my mind go where it wants. Feeling happy. Feeling grateful. Feeling free.

‘I’m going where the sun keeps shining,
Through the pouring rain.
Going where the weather suits my clothes’ … HARRY NILSSON is singing Everybody’s Talkin’ – seems appropriate.
I like ‘clear my head’ moments like these. Where my world stops still for a time & I get a chance to regroup, reenergise, refocus. It may only be half an hour, but it’s an invaluable half hour. It might even be a day of it… jotting down thoughts for my book; chatting to passers-by; falling into the rhythm of the waves – oh, not literally. No way am I going in there! The water is choppy, brown, murky & a feeding ground for bull sharks after all the storms. No, I’m happy beside it today – no skinnydipping here for this little rainbow duck!

Great to be in a light breeze – enough to mess up my hair & blow my sarong-come-tablecloth off my breakfast table; not enough to blow me away on its wings.
The sun feels sensational on my skin. Man, I’ve missed that feeling: fuels stimulation; body & mind.

I guess it could be described as a spiritual moment. A time where I ponder things bigger than self; see the vastness & power of the ocean & marvel at so great a Creator. Marvel that he made me. Am I all he’d hoped when he formed me in mother’s womb? I hope so. I like to think I bring him a little bit of joy, a smile here & there, sure, there’s been, & will be, a grimace or two, too. Certainly much pain in my earlier years. But these days, hanging out with him every day, I feel like we got it goin’ on. Not in a prideful way. Just in a ‘grateful to be alive’ way and a ‘what can I do for You today?’ way. I probably get it wrong a lot: but he knows I’m giving it a go. I think that makes us both happy.
We’re totally in love – & that more than makes up for any shortcomings on my behalf. It’s a pretty cool relationship really.

I guess sitting here, just a teensy-weensy spec on planet earth, is good for my soul. I’m connected. I’m happy. I’m free. I’m grateful.
It’s a fantabulous day!!

Do you underestimate your ‘down’ time?
It is as essential (I’d say more essential) as your UP time.
We scurry about like ants, busy as bees, rushing around like blue-bum flies as if it’s all going to amount to happiness.
Yet happiness is often found in the still quiet moments of the soul.

Happy vibes
Be with you