Gosh we can frustrate one another through lack of understanding, yea?

Sometimes it’s those we wish understood us that confound (& frustrate, & sometimes HURT) us the most.
It’s difficult to explain the fulfilment in living out my purpose to those who think they know best. Those who think I ‘should’ be ‘settled’ in one place, doing what ‘everybody else does’.
Because me living in a car makes THEM uncomfortable?
Because I make THEM nervous or restless (or jealous) because my life looks unconventional?

Instead of dwelling on the ‘why’ – cos, let’s face it, in the end, it’s not going to matter whether I pleased the doubting few, but rather; did I fulfil (or at least give it a crack at fulfilling) MY destiny.

Instead of answering their doubts, I should be asking myself – ‘are you doing what you should be doing?’ … For me, right now, the answer is YES.

Word4Today nailed it for me this morning. It says:
When God gives you a vision for your life, it’ll burn within you like a fire that can’t be extinguished.
We know we’re operating in our gifts and calling when what we do ministers life to others.
Look at what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and what God is giving you the grace to do—then let God be God in your life. Don’t be afraid to be unique.

Cool eh? It nails it, don’t you reckon?
You’re created on purpose: designed with a plan.
Don’t let the doubts of others (or your own doubts) hold you back.

Word4Today had more to say:-
Fear and faith are two sides of the same coin, and they’ll always be part of your thinking. But the one you choose is the one that’ll determine your future—and you get to choose!

Choose well my friend.
This helped me:- I pray it helps you too, to be YOU.

Blessing, love, joy, happy vibes & COURAGE be with you

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