Quick change

Oh dear.

There’s a kangaroo peering in our foggy window & I swear he’s laughing at us!

How quickly things change. Last night was a balmy night of campfire & reading by lamplight as possums devoured our veggie scraps. Serene & beautiful.
(See pic OUTSIDE van)
And then came the rain. Lots of rain.
How quickly things change.

This could be our view for a while (see pic INSIDE van).

Life in a van in the rain, flat on our backs in bed, listening to the relentless downpour on our roof. Outside our door, beyond our soaked, muddy mat, are drenched kangaroos casually peeking through the door & staggering away laughing; a very very wet useless wood pile; & a national park pit-loo with a roof so leaky my hair got a good wash while I was there. The road (& I use the term ‘road’ very loosely) to get out of this bushy paradise is one looooong slippery, muddy, pot-holed, 4-wheel-drive adventure trail (no, Buzz isn’t 4-wheel-drive).

And people wonder why we live in a car!!

Here’s where Loooong term vision comes into play.
It’s not the soggy setbacks I focus on.
No way. I’m on a mission.

There’s such excitement attached to a long term goal; heading down that straight path with your eye on the prize & your heart in its happy place.

I am writing! Well, other than making love, what else is there to do in this predicament lol

Joy & happy vibes be yours on your adventure.
Look ahead & stay smiling 😍

Chrissy πŸ’–πŸšŒπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ’š

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