Wanderlust & Warmth

Can you see us? In there, amidst the trees – being silly?

As much as I enjoy exploring alone, I took hubby with me today. I tell ya, I take my hat off to those out there exploring Oz on their own; I see much more when Step is by my side. I’m braver in his company – more prone to venture off the beaten track, so to speak.
Today’s bushwalk included the much-needed ‘being silly’, hugging trees, & adventuring that goes with traversing Aussie bush.

You can see I’ve broken all photography rules and clicked straight into the sun: but it looked so magical with the rainbow of colours on the beams!

We are LOVING our time here in Wee Jasper where our days are filled with a great mix of wanderlust exploring & creative writing.

It was our goal, many moons ago, to conquer Oz one State at a time… Working, meandering, helping and ministering our way around this amazing nation.
I have to admit to a little bit of excitement at the thought of crossing yet another border very soon!
We fall in love wherever we go! We take a piece of Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, even ACT, within our hearts as we gear up to head NORTH for the winter.
NOTE: Blog inspired after surviving our COLDEST night in Buzz last night here in the valley.

For many years it’s been our goal to HEAD NORTH for the WINTER. But somehow we always end up in the cold & frost & ice.
You have to give us points for trying though, as, again next month, we have a plan. Having conquered Tassie & Victoria earlier this year in quite balmy weather for our southern States; Queensland is just a mere thought, plan & Buzz-escapade away.

We’ve lined up assignments, we’re on a mission, & all going according to plan (there has to be a FIRST time, some time!) there’s only a few weeks of NSW capers, romps & antics to go. And then – we HEAD NORTH for the WINTER!

Could it be true?
Do you think we can finally pull-off a warm winter?

I do love, despite many set backs, that we haven’t given up on our goal.
I also love the fact that, despite our desire to spend a warm winter, if it doesn’t go completely according to plan (again), we will love our quest however it looks.
We won’t be forlorn. We won’t stamp our feet & kick the dog. We won’t quit.
We will have the time of our life wherever we go, & attempt to do it with smiles on our faces … even if we are gritting our teeth & grimacing in the cold- it will LOOK like a smile!

Have your plans fallen through a number of times? Are you getting weary of trying?
Don’t quit. Don’t give up.
Look around and find something to be thankful for, a reason to smile, & then pray like crazy you learn whatever it is you need to learn to be set free to get it right next time!

YaY πŸšŒπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

And let me know how you go!

Til next time- luv, joy & happy vibes



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