Are you into SNOWBALLS?

I’m a firm believer in SNOWBALLS!
(yep, it’s a theme thread through my first book.)

…you know that snowball effect of kindness that is a real blessing all round – & just grows bigger & bigger as its shared? 💞
Someone does something for someone, which makes their day & causes them to do something for someone else, which makes their day …. getting bigger & bigger as it rolls from kindness to kindness!

Of late, I see our housesitting gigs in that light.
I’m almost convinced most people offer their homes to us as a KINDNESS more than their personal necessity.
Amidst the myriad blessings, we get to enjoy other peoples’ homes & stay put for a time on our nomadic journey; while they get to enjoy the travel we’re used to.
We get electricity & hot showers & rest woohoo! & they get pets and gardens & their home lovingly cared for – bringing peace of mind.

& everyone is energised by it, blessed through it & grows in it.

What little random deed of yours can cause a snowball effect?

spreading those live, joy & happy vibes unique to your world

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