‘people would rather be ruined than changed’.

Heard that quote the other day and had to ponder it; mull it over.
I have met many ruined people resisting change; actually, I used to be one of them.
Not any more!! Out of my ruins God built someone beautiful, solid & strong!
I must remember to search my life for the ruins I foolishly (fearfully) hold on to- so that fear can’t stop me embracing life-bringing change.

How are you?
Are you the rubble of ancient ruins?
There is One who builds castles out of ruins – He is gentle, loving & very kind in His work.
He comes highly recommended through generation after generation – since the world began. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

You deserve to be the castle of life you were originally designed to be before you settled for being ruined rather than changed!

#freedom #growth #nofear #transformed

Break out in Love, joy & happy vibes

Chrissy x๐Ÿ’—x