Variety is the spice & all that jazz

Variety is the spice of life, they say.
Well we certainly get our share!

We’re currently on another great housesitting gig for the traveling Guinoz: they just keep rolling in.
Along with a spacious, private, lush bush property, we’ve charge of a maverick cat with no name & two big loveable lumbering doggies.
Tree-hoppers, finches, kookaburras, kingfishers, blue wrens, parrots and a colourful range of feathered friends bring the sounds of the bush to our door.
I’m a little bit worried about the recliner perched in front of the telly; remote control on the armrest – having not enjoyed such luxury for so long, I’m wondering if hubby might hibernate there for the duration haha.
Housesitting is such a fantastic two-way street! Owners enjoy their holidays with peace of mind & no kennel-fees while we get to spread out a little, enjoying hot showers & the many luxuries that come with electricity (even our clothes get a wash).
You know how I love fires – our Buzz evenings almost always end around a campfire. Well, every home we ‘sit’ ends up having a great fireplace in the kitchen or lounge room where we find ourselves snuggled, smiling contentedly within our ‘mansion’ – yet strangely, retiring not into the choice of big, warm, comfy beds within, but all the way outdoors, to spend the nights’ sleep in Buzz!

I’m learning to value every moment – whether in transit, in Buzz or enjoying someone else’s home.
Life really isn’t about arriving: it’s about how well we travel.
And land. How well we land, too. It’s attempting to enjoy that crazy journey mapped out just for us.
It’s a blessed life because it’s my life. Nobody else gets to do it this way.
You get to do it your way.
Journey well. Land well. And know it works best when your hand is in His hand.

Luvn vibes


PS lets measure our journey by friendships, not kilometres.

Be kind.

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