What if your mind could smile?

What if?

What if your soul or your mind could smile?
What would cause it to do so?
As I do this, read between the lines & let me know your thoughts.
I realise how important it is to answer this.
Its relevance suddenly calms me as I look into it a little deeper. …I’m lazing back on my camp chair, feet up on a cushion perched on the edge of the table, billy chai tea before me & my favourite pottery Chinese tea cup at my lips.
I forget sometimes, how much this little ritual means to me … how important it is to give myself this precious time at the commencement of my day.
Healthy rituals are so good & valuable – not to be dismissed.
My chai tea time sets me up to be still, to feel peace, to savour flavour, to relax, to be ‘timeless’ without needing to be anywhere or do anything but sip tea in my quiet happy place. It’s a time of being kind to myself; nurturing myself. My body relaxed, my tastebuds tantalised and my mind calm.
It’s important to me … maybe more-so because my world is so unpredictable – I often don’t know where I’m going to wake up in the morning – we cruise in Buzz & simply ‘pull in’ to somewhere nice to sleep as the day comes to a close. So my morning chai ritual is a constant in my ever-changing world. It’s become a ‘grounding’ time I guess.
Isn’t it interesting the things we have instilled into our days, often subconsciously, that ensure us some ‘happy space’.
I love the warmth of the pottery cup on my lips, the way my hand curls around my favourite cup’s shape, as though sculptured just for me. I love the leaves dancing in the billy – a brewed chai is far superior to ‘chucking a tea bag in a cup’. Ew! No finesse, no style, no ambiance. The rushing modern world has deprived itself of some essential luxuries – losing the nurturing benefits that preparing ‘tea time’ brings.
Sipping chai, watching leaves and spices unfurl & come alive in the brew, nourishes me – mind & body. It gives me permission to rest or meditate; to simply ‘be’. I feel my body smile, my breaths’ relaxed and calm, rhythmic. My soul smiles within me & puts me in a place I can carry throughout the day, deep within me, serene & ok with the world.
I would recommend a healthy ritual in your life. It’s more important than you think.
(You may have some UNhealthy habits – cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, sweets, fatty fried foods, sugar-drinks. These excessive obsessions or addictions can unravel you: mind, body & soul. They can ADD to your anxiety & stress. These may need to be replaced with some healthy rituals. It is important to stress the difference!)
It can be the difference between a day of anxiety, rush or worry, and the gentle drifting of a life able to experience the peace each moment offers.
I have a few rituals. I’m about to settle into another of mine: getting out my devotional meditation for the day, turning to the Word & committing my time to something bigger than myself, a purpose greater than myself; positioning myself to be one with the flow of the Spirit in the world. I will read. I will think. I will pray. I will commune with God. I will go out with joy.
Healthy rituals see me through every day … & whatever is to come before me.

What do you think?

Spreadin’ luv, joy & happy vibes

Chrissy πŸ’›