You are my blessing

Are you meant to blog about birthdays?
And if so, is having 55 of them enough to warrant it?

It’s 6am and the noisy chatter of last night’s family dinner has been replaced by thunderous waves crashing on the shore not far from Buzz. Small bodies leaning against me, climbing into my lap,and wrapping arms around me have been replaced by the very tall, straight trees dwarfing Buzz parked in the midst of them. What a birthday yesterday was.
Family, food, fun and frivolity reigned as we played pass the parcel, read books, consumed a roast dinner, ate chocolate & homemade cake, shared stories of travel & tales of school, work, family & more; hugged & loved.
My children lavished gifts upon me – expensive treasures they knew I’d love; some items I desperately needed – pooling their money to purchase. Homemade cards from granddaughters who each think they’re my favourite.
And lots & lots of NOISE! Everyone talking at once, voices getting louder to get over the racket. Laughter. Much laughter. What a life I enjoy!
Turning 55 was joy all the way.

From the sunrise viewed snuggled deep under the warmth of Buzz’ blankets with Step; to our fireside brewed chai & then our curry beside the ocean for lunch after crossing the State border; zooming along highways with the windows down & the wind carrying away our voices as we sang along to Neil Diamond; arriving to the joyful din that is family! Simply settling back and allowing it to wash over me in all its exhaustingly refreshing fullness.
And text, calls, messages & loving from so many well-wishing friends that I’m still reading and receiving them & attempting, poorly so far, to answer them all!! You are all LEGENDS!

Thank you. Thank you. Thanks to you, I had a WONDERFUL birthday!

May YOU have a great day of laughter, love, joy and happy vibes

Chrissy xx