Blessings galore!!

Wishing YOU the very bestest day ever!!

Blessings to you. What a day. Woohoo!!!!
We opened Buzz’s back at 6am & snuggled deep under our blankets in the fresh morning air to watch the sunrise on my 55th birthday – snapping pics throughout. What a way to start a birthday & close chapter one of three-States-of-Australia-so-far adventures.

Chapter 2 will begin this evening- at a NSW crazy, chaotic & very blessed dinner with family.
In this chapter we will explore another 2 States before the huge anniversary trip.

But, one day at a time.
Right now Step’s out making a fire so I’m about to bound outa bed & sip brewed vanilla chai beside the mirror-perfect Snowy River here in Victoria.


It is your day too- do something magical! Go to bed really really happy at the end.

Love, love, luv, joy & happy vibes.

Your Chrissy

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