the spice of life

The spice of life can be salty or sweet, sour or deliciously tangy.
Some days are eclectic. A jumble of happy & sad; a mixture of great highs & exhausting lows; they seem #dull yet you know they are filled with #vibrant colours. Your busy but you’re not doing much. You’re alive & well but feel half dead. You’re #victorious & defeated; #deflated & uplifted.
If I were a child today, I’d be labeled with some ‘disorder’ or ‘disfunction’.
Yet, isn’t this, in all reality, a ‘normal’ life?
Have we been fooled into believing every sad thought & moment should be squashed or covered-over with #joviality?
When will we learn how #diverse & unpredictable & spontaneous & delightfully crazy we really are: & simply live it? Not ‘fixed’; cos we’re not broken! Not ‘healed’; cos we’re not sick. Not quieted, comforted or closeted-away. Not hidden, embarrassing or shamed. Not deprived or depraved.
Just OK for now, to NOT be OK.
Permission granted to just ‘be’ amidst the tumultuous roller-coaster … grieving, rejoicing; dreaming peacefully & tossed about by nightmares; jumping & running in the wind or lying flat on the sand. Laughing & mourning; singing, moaning; dancing & dragging ourselves back to bed – experiencing the journey in hurricane full-force & in gentle lapping waves. Soaking in sun’s healing rays or snuggled in a blanket on a cold, rainy moment. Living, breathing, being. ME.
This is my today. And I will live it well. Wholly experiencing the kaleidoscopic fullness of an unpredictable life as I journey on planet earth.
And that is OK. For this is LIFE!

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Chrissy xx