What day is it?

What day is it?
And what are you going to do with it?

Oh dear. It’s the weekend eh? I would not have known! Thank God for Social media eh. #lifeontheroad #whatdayisit #everydayissaturday
It’s 10.30am. It poured last night. Our rug is wet. We meandered up & outa bed, outa Buzz; lit a fire, brewed some chai, awaited the sun, erected a bush clothesline (ok, so we tied a rope between two trees) to hang the big, heavy, wet rug on. The sun had risen, just not upon us (there’s a song & a sermon in that!).
We semi-packed Buzz, moved through the bush to a sunlit spot, spread out, relaxed.
Doesn’t pay to let your guard down (more sermon material?).
The rain returned in full force. Step shouting orders, calling me names; me incapacitated through laughter, almost wetting my pants (he’s so cute when he’s angry).
Frantically we stagger slumped over like drunks, gather our belongings flung near and far, pack everything back into a dry Buzz, lean under the semi-flung-out-in-haste awning, panting with cold, exhaustion & the rising damp upon our backs. When voila; the sun returns in full force, & a few cheeky, casual little cartoon-clouds drift effortlessly across an otherwise clear blue sky!
We peel off our wet jumpers and bask bare-backed in the sunshine – talking about a swim.
This is typical Tassie!
And we love our life.

There’s always a moment of choice – to let life happen, or to make it happen.
Choose well my friend

Choose love, joy & happy vibes

Chrissy xx