Open your eyes

We moved from the suburban strip and just down the road is a white-sanded blue-watered bay sparkling with clean life & energy. Literally JUST UP THE ROAD like 2 mins. #Complete utter change!! Bizarre!! It’s God’s promise.
Things really can be completely turned around in His hands. I am so glad to be reminded of this.
You see, I needed it this morning. Got a bit of anxiety back after a day of people yesterday (I wrote about some of it, see yesterday’s rave) but then I realised, I could be picking up on #spiritual stuff. And my anger subsided and I felt sadness. Glad to be able to discern these things sometimes. Feels good. A luxury to be alive & have Step, love, sunshine, family & dear friends. Recognising things brings empowerment. I choose to be happy!
God bless this place of wall-to-wall fellow travellers perched on the water’s edge. Farewell. Another day for me & my man to explore & enjoy!!
You enjoy it too – & KEEP YOUR SPIRITUAL EYES OPEN xx

Stay safe & be filled with love, joy & happy vibes