Can’t do TOURIST !!

11.45 we arrive like sheep with myriad tourists baaa
Herded like cattle.
Led like sheep.
Coraled onto manmade walking tracks like we’re in a freakin shopping mall. Tourists milling & marvelling; phones & cameras clicking in a frenzy. Almost torture
We literally walked around a lake for 7.6 k. Dove Lake big tourist highlight supposedly. Well, it would be except we’re seeing so much of Tassie raw & natural – the ‘real’ Tassie, without the hype & without the shuttle buses and without other people! Claustrophobic.
People, people, tourist-people!
It wasn’t real. Didn’t feel natural. Shouldn’t be a sook at 55 but it really seemed torture for us. We’ve been so SPOILT with the unspoilt bits of hidden-away Tassie. Just us & nature.
Oh and did I tell you it was cold and raining?! For real. And that the back pack strap is broken – yea, rendering it to shoulder-bag status. Anyone who walks knows the LAST thing you need is a dead weight, unevenly distributed, cutting into one shoulder as you ‘lean’ to hold it in place kilometre after kilometre. Ridiculous! Bad for back, neck, hips – just to name a few sore points. SUMMARY
3rd Best part: doing it fast!
A 2 hour trip that we did in one fifteen; taking 9375 big, quick steps to do it. Clicked pics on the run, some are blurred to prove it!
Will go through them all & probably delete nine tenths of them. Lots of pics of Step with a jagged mountain backdrop.
2nd best highlight: filling the air conditioned stuffy airless tourist bus with the body odour of 2 unshowered hippies who worked up a huge smelly sweat by practically breaking into a sprint to knock this bloody walk over!
Best part: high tailing away from there for more real, exciting, remote & ridiculous Buzz3 adventures! 2.20 back to buzz. That was Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake.
Having said all that, good on National Parks for preserving & presenting such an incredible part of Tassie. Rugged mountain ranges, huge rocks, pristine clear waters of the lakes. Bloody spectacular stuff!

And that’s a wrap – if you’re looking for Tassie highlights – ask US! Don’t just go the touristy bits.

Luv ya