Bush. Beach. Birds. Bliss.

Bliss, Bush, Beach & Birds. Inquisitive Blue wrens hopping out from the native tall grasses and low shrubs in their typical small social groups. The one dominant male and several females and young birds, feeding on insects and other small I don’t know whats. Catching them off the ground or snatching them from the low bushes – sharing the experience like a little community. Bringing chirpy joy & amusement.
You know the mummy incubates the eggs alone, but both her & daddy feed the young. Other members of the group will also help with the feeding of the young.

And on the beach, the tiny, spindly-legged hooded plovers. Also rushing about in community, darting around at the water’s edge as waves recede, bobbing and pecking along the shore. A mystery how they survive: so vulnerable and exposed! They pick tiny invertebrates from the sand near the water’s edge. They lay eggs in shallow scrapes in the sand, either on the upper beach or in adjacent backing sand dunes & it’s amazing they thrive so well.

Is it possible to take to take time out of external life: living ‘within’ ? That’s how I’d best describe it.
Thinking. Meditating. Observing. Relaxing. Reading. Beach meandering. Skinny dipping. Lazing by our fire. Scrumptious meals cooked on coals. Chai teas.
Bush, Beach, Birds & Bliss.

Where are you?
Can you see the beauty in it?
Are you experiencing the little things, the ‘kisses from heaven’ that join together & make for a wonderful life?

I pray you do.

With love, with joy. And with happy vibes.

Your Chrissy xx