For us!

Easter – a poem by Step.

Easter – Resurrection Day
Where all anxiety & fear are swept away
God has us completely covered by his goodness & his love
All our hope & longing
Coming from above
Death has been dealt a fatal blow. …
Til the final trumpet sounds
Trust in him and stand our ground
Shining brighter than the sun
We put on immortality
& it’s only just begun.

Contemplation – by Chrissy.

What a beautiful experience. To sit in the presence of One so great & attempt to fathom the journey with him.
We’ve been in the bush, closeted away in nature without phone or clock – just us and the whole Easter story for 3 days.
We tuned ourselves out to anything but a spiritual experience, soaking in the story,devouring our Bibles, weeping over such a great sacrifice.
Amazed that such love could abound. Such love could be poured over us. Such love could be so real, so relevant, so necessary.
Feeling the pain of what it took to be free. Us. Not one, but both of us. Not some of our children, but ALL of us. Believing, grieving, delighting in the whole story.
It is finished on Good Friday.
It has begun on Easter Sunday.
The miracle, the marvel, the joy. The amazing faith we’ve been born into. Jesus is alive
He loves us
He loves US
HE loves us!
Happy Easter

May Blessings abound upon you as the revelation sinks in
Love. Joy. Hope. Faith. And happy vibes to YOU

Chrissy xxxx