Ready for romance?

Meet my poncho. We met when I was led to the dark recesses of a forgotten corner in an unfrequented op-shop. Drawn to its melancholy mood, sitting forlorn yet expectant for possibly decades, wishing & hoping for someone loving to come along & see its potential on the daisy fields & duck ponds of life; I instantly appreciated it for all it is- #Freedom. #Style. #Warmth. #colour #Comfort. #Fashion. #myponcho

Drag out that ‘old favourite’ from your wardrobe & give it a hug. Let the memories roll.
Or purchase a pre-loved, up-cycled piece at your local op-shop & begin a romance together.

Life’s too short not to have affairs of the heart with cotton!

You’ve been loved on
By crazy Chrissy

Luvn vibes all the way!